CrossFit classes in Cedar Rapids area
CrossFit classes in Cedar Rapids area


CrossFit 2.2, located in Hiawatha, IA, offers more than just a gym; it's a vibrant community and a lifestyle dedicated to holistic fitness. Embrace the transformative journey of CrossFit, characterized by constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements and a commitment to complete fitness. As a member, you become part of a supportive family, sharing challenges and triumphs. Our complete fitness approach, led by educated and experienced coaches, focuses on making individuals physically competent in all aspects of fitness. Our CrossFit classes integrate diverse methodologies, covering diet, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting, throwing, and sport. Workouts are constantly varied to keep things exciting and can be adapted for all fitness levels. Join us at CrossFit 2.2 for a structured and coach-led fitness experience where every session brings you closer to a healthier, stronger, and more fulfilled version of yourself.

Personal training in Hiawatha Iowa

Personal Training

Experience the exclusive training atmosphere at CrossFit 2.2, designed to provide unparalleled coaching for your fitness journey. Our methodology revolves around personalized strength programs crafted around your goals, ensuring a dynamic and engaging approach that prevents monotony. Embrace diversity as each week unfolds with a mix of set and rep schemes to boost both endurance and strength. Our guided sessions are tailored to align with your unique fitness goals.

Our comprehensive program simplifies your fitness commitment – just show up, give it your all, and maintain an 80/20 lifestyle for rapid results. As part of this all-encompassing package, enjoy unlimited access to cardio classes.

This distinctive environment fosters seamless progression and regression in your training, empowering us to create customized workouts for each member. We provide a diverse range of exercises and programming to cater to individual needs. Elevate your fitness journey at CrossFit 2.2 – where personalization, variety, and tangible results converge into an extraordinary fitness experience.

Personal training to achieve your goals
24 / 7 CrossFit Open Gym

Open Gym

CrossFit 2.2 in Cedar Rapids, IA, offers an exclusive 24/7 Open Gym membership, providing ultimate fitness freedom. Members enjoy round-the-clock access to the state-of-the-art facility, allowing for tailored training programs, additional weightlifting or strength training, skill development, and workouts at their convenience outside regular coach-led classes. The 24/7 access is beneficial for those with conflicting schedules, following specific training programs, supplementing group classes, or requiring extra time for mobility exercises. The gym boasts top-notch CrossFit-specific workout tools, a spacious environment, and a commitment to meeting individual training needs. For fitness enthusiasts seeking a personalized gym experience, CrossFit 2.2's Open Gym membership offers unmatched equipment, a comfortable workout environment, and personalized programming to elevate the fitness journey.

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