Welcome to Open Gym at CrossFit 2.2 in Cedar Rapids, IA

Discover the ultimate fitness freedom with our exclusive 24/7 Open Gym membership. CrossFit 2.2 opens the doors to our state-of-the-art facility during off-peak hours, granting you unparalleled access to premium CrossFit workout tools designed for your success.

As a CrossFit 2.2 member, enjoy round-the-clock availability – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This unique privilege empowers you to follow a tailored training program, engage in additional weightlifting or strength training, hone specific skills, or schedule workouts at your convenience outside our regular coach-led classes.

Why opt for Open Gym at CrossFit 2.2?

  • 24/7 access for ultimate flexibility

  • 365 days of fitness opportunities

  • Access to top-notch CrossFit-specific workout tools

  • Available to all CrossFit 2.2 athletes

Why choose 24/7 access?

  • Your schedule doesn’t align with our regular group classes.

  • Following an extra online program requiring functional training equipment.

  • Assigned exercises from your personal trainer for outside sessions.

  • Need extra time for mobility exercises or perfecting techniques beyond class hours.

Open gym at CrossFit 2.2
Open gym at CrossFit 2.2

Looking To Take Action On Your Health Journey?

With our 24/7 access, prioritize your fitness goals anytime, day or night. We're dedicated to meeting your training needs, ensuring you achieve peak performance whenever it suits you.


Open gym training at CrossFit 2.2 in Cedar Rapids IA
Open gym training at CrossFit 2.2 in Cedar Rapids IA

Experience the difference with CrossFit 2.2:

Spacious Environment
Bid farewell to crowded commercial gyms. CrossFit 2.2 offers a spacious environment, ensuring a comfortable and focused workout every time you enter our doors.

For Fitness Enthusiasts
If you're a dedicated fitness enthusiast seeking a personalized gym experience, CrossFit 2.2 is your ideal choice. Our Open Gym membership empowers you to tailor your workouts to match your unique preferences and goals.

Ready to experience fitness on your terms?

Join Open Gym at CrossFit 2.2 in Cedar Rapids, IA, and elevate your fitness experience with unmatched equipment, a spacious workout environment, and personalized programming. Embrace a fitness journey beyond the ordinary, and let your path to a healthier, stronger you begin here!

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