The people are the reason. The coaches are knowledgeable and friendly to everyone. The members are there to improve themselves and are so helpful regardless of you have been there a day or a year. Don’t let the weights and bars scare you away. Meet with a coach. Talk through it all. You will not regret it.

  • Laura G

Its my second crossfit experience there. I feel so comfortable with the coaches. They are experienced and well motivated.. I been there for a short time but they helped me a lot. Thank you so much to everyone.

  • Manoj N

This is by far the best crossfit gym in Cedar Rapids. I loved going here when I lived in Cedar Rapids.

  • Tyler F

If you are interested in joining a new place to workout, then check this place out. I wish I would have tried it earlier. I have been here for a year and a half, and it is awesome with great people.

You might think, wow, that is a lot of money to pay for a gym, but you get what you pay for. Each class has a great coach to guide you through the workouts. Coaching ratio is usually 8-10 to 1 (sometimes smaller and sometimes larger). Nick (coach) does all the programming so you just come in and workout. How much is your health worth?

You might think that you can't do it or you are not ready. All the coaches are great at scaling things down to accommodate rookies. I was really grateful at how smart they were about this when I first started. There is a wide range of skill levels and ages (18-60+). You can do it now!

The people are pretty awesome! I have learned a ton from people in class. So many people are willing to help out.

It is challenging, humbling, and fun. There is a huge variety in things that we do (Olympic weightlifting, gymnastic movements, rope climbs, jump rope, box jumps, pull ups, running.... etc). The most important thing is it keeps me interested to keep going so I stay healthy.

  • Keith P

Top. Notch. Experience.

2.2 is the gym you want to be at to chase all of your fitness goals. All the staff are beyond competent, which is sometimes hard to find. All of them range in experience and knowledge that will more than get you going to your dream bod. I hear that sometimes they get a drop in by the best dressed homeless man of cedar rapids and he shares his knowledge of Olympic weightlifting as well, tho that's like sighting bigfoot these days. Overall you can't go wrong with checking this gym out. You will be treated as family and be taught by scholars.

  • Jacob F

I started at CF2.2 as what was expected to be another failed New Year's Resolution on the first Monday of January 2019. I was knocking on the door of 280 pounds, and was generally sluggish and constantly winded my even menial amounts of exercise. I didn't like my chances of sticking it out, I used to lift weights in high school and I didn't really like it then and I was "too busy."

By October 2019 I was down 50 plus pounds, ran a half marathon in 2:05 (with no practice runs), and just felt tremendously better. So in terms of results, they have been fantastic. Two plus months post half marathon later I have survived the holidays with minimal weight gain, which is not an easy task for me.

More so than the results I've enjoyed the relationships with the staff and with others in the gym. It's a part of my day I look forward to greatly.

I'd recommend this place to great athletes that miss competition, to people that need structure to exercise, to people looking for something fun to do, and people like me 12 months ago just trying to live a better life and interested in taking the steps to get there.

  • Mike C

Best box in Cedar Rapids. The team is very supportive of your goals in and outside of crossfit.

  • Brent M

Best CrossFit gym in Cedar Rapids. Won’t find a better community out there! The coaches are extremely helpful and push you past your limits!

  • John T

My favorite place to visit for a great workout when I’m traveling. The coaches are amazing and the workouts are intense! Everyone is encouraging and friendly, definitely coming back again.

  • Bob D

I must say I was skeptical and nervous about joining a new gym, but this place and the people who attend are AWESOME! I've felt welcome since day one. Nick is a fantastic coach, he takes the time to instruct you on techniques you need to work on and motivates you in a truly inspirational way. If you want to get your sweat on with a group of badass and encouraging folks, this is the way to go!

  • Ken A

I did a drop in while visiting, Nick was outstanding!! Great box,!! Great coach!! Very friendly environment! I will definitely drop in again my next time through town!! Thank you

  • Brian J

Cool box. Classic Crossfit vibe.

Great coach. Laid-back. Helpful. Brings the energy.

Awesome community. Dropped in, talked to a few folks about why they joined and they all said it had to do with the community, and you can tell.

  • Mike C


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